Mortgage Automation Technologies’ BIG Point of Sale Integrates Candor Technologies to Revolutionize Mortgage Application Review Process

Mortgage Automation Technologies’ BIG Point of Sale Integrates Candor Technologies to Revolutionize Mortgage Application Review Process

Fairfield, NJ, June 30, 2023 – Mortgage Automation Technologies (MAT) and Candor Technologies have completed an integration of services to transform the way consumers search for loans. By integrating Candor Technologies’ patented Virtual Underwriting System (VUS), Decisions On Demand, with the innovative The BIG Point of Sale platform developed by Mortgage Automation Technologies, the integration aims to revolutionize the mortgage application review process, providing lenders with the ability to convert consumers into fully approved borrowers in 45 minutes or less.

The seamless integration of Candor’s Decisions On Demand with The BIG Point of Sale platform enables real-time issue resolution, empowering underwriters and forensic auditors to make quick and accurate decisions. This groundbreaking collaboration allows consumers to have an improved user experience with a streamlined and efficient mortgage application process, significantly reducing the time it takes to become a fully approved borrower.

“The integration of Decisions On Demand into The BIG Point of Sale system is a game changer for lenders and consumers alike,” said Matthew VanFossen, CEO of Mortgage Automation Technologies. “This partnership allows our software to effectively leverage loan data analysis to make complex decisions and save lenders and consumers time and money.”

“The empowered consumer will be surprised and delighted how Decisions On Demand is able to work alongside The BIG Point of Sale,” says Tom Showalter, CEO of Candor Technology Inc. “Integrating Candor with The BIG Point of Sale was the perfect way to combine ease of use with the analytics necessary to enable lenders to engage at the speed of the borrower.”

The integration between Mortgage Automation Technologies’ innovative platform and Candor’s VUS will revolutionize the traditionally slow, chaotic, and time-consuming mortgage application review process. By simplifying and streamlining the process, borrowers will now experience a simple, convenient, and efficient application review process that takes minutes instead of days.


About Mortgage Automation Technologies

Mortgage Automation Technologies (MAT) is a leading provider of cutting-edge mortgage technology solutions. With a commitment to revolutionizing the lending industry, MAT offers innovative platforms that streamline the loan origination, underwriting, and closing processes for lenders, brokers, and consumers. Committed to solving industry challenges, MAT’s platforms simplify complex processes, reduce manual work, and enable lenders to make informed decisions based on real-time data and analytics. With MAT’s solutions, lenders can mitigate risk, increase productivity, and provide an exceptional borrowing experience.

About Candor Technologies

Candor Technologies is a renowned technology company known for its exceptional expertise in loan underwriting solutions. With a deep understanding of the financial industry, they offer cutting-edge technology solutions that streamline and optimize the loan underwriting process. By leveraging advanced data analytics, machine learning algorithms, and artificial intelligence, Candor Technologies enables lenders to make more accurate and efficient credit decisions while reducing operational costs and mitigating risks.

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