The BIG POS Version 1.2 Now Out

The BIG POS Version 1.2 Now Out

LO Connect / Encompass Web –

If you use Microsoft Azure Domain Servers or Office 365. Loan Officers can now use their MS office accounts to SSO into Encompass Web / LO Connect. Now when logged in to a POS LO Portal Account, you can click on Encompass web from your phone or computer and deep link directly into the Borrower’s loan file in Encompass Web.

E-Consent Enhancements

E-Consent will now be automatically applied when a borrower applies via the Web. Therefore, manual Loan Association and manual Econsent is no longer required for applications taken via the web.

Pre-Qualification Enhancement

Pre Qualifications will now generate and redirect the loan officer to the Version 2 Document manager. In addition, pre-Approvals and pre-qualifications are now available in the POS Document Viewer and the Encompass Web eFolder.

Document Manager V2

The Document manager has been completely redesigned and is now available to borrower portal accounts. Borrowers can easily view the documentation they uploaded. They also now have access to the borrower portal document vault. This folder is a bidirectional catch-all that allows Smart Client Encompass users to drop documents in the borrower eFolder vault and have them appear in the borrower and loan officer web portals.

Release Notes & Road Map

The Big POS Admin Portal now includes direct links to THE BIG POS Support. Your favorite Support rep Mr. Jim Bentley is more assessable than ever! Check out the latest and greatest from the skunkworks team with our release notes and road map feature now live. Wait a minute, that’s what this e-mail is!

Document Names

Documents uploaded by the client and the loan officer to tasks now display the document name as uploaded.

Kiosk V1

Kiosk V1 is now out for delivery. Order yours today for $500.00

Kiosk V2

The first-ever loan officer-designed computer hardware is finally here! Pre-Orders Open now for Kiosk V1. Deliveries start in January 2022.

Pre Order them at Kiosk Preorders (

Loan Calculator Field Mapping “Fix”

The Loan Calculator has been enhanced to update taxes, Insurance & Escrows.


FormFree Verification of Employment and Income is now live! This super cool feature allows FormFree users to display a VOIE task to the Borrower. The Borrower can use their POS portal to look up their employer and automatically sync their paystubs and w2 forms directly to the Encompass eFolder.


FormFree Verification of Assets is now live! This super cool feature allows FormFree users to display a VOA task to the Borrower. The Borrower can use their POS portal to look up their bank and automatically sync their bank statements and w2 directly to the Encompass eFolder.

BIG POS Broker

You can now change the delivery folder and the loan channel when a loan posts.

NEW BIG POS Input Form V1.8.1

The New Version of the BIG POS Input Form and Encompass Plugin.

  1. Updated Loan Association Support
  2. Support for Verification Fields to write business rules against (CX.POS.VOI, CX.POS.VOE, CX.POS.VOA)
  3. Remove borrower old invite buttons (all users directed towards econsent functionality).
  4. Initial Architecture for roadmap items scheduled for next release

Download the package here:

After downloading, use the input form builder to Import the new form. If you need help getting the form loaded into your Encompass please reach out to



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